Important Playground Safety Tips

Playground SafetyIt is imperative for playgrounds to have proper and routine maintenance. The playgrounds should also be under supervision when under use by children to avoid injuries. This informative article presents important playground safety tips that people should know.

Choose a Playground Based on the Children Age

Parents, teacher, and guardians should ensure children can only use and access age-appropriate playground. Separate and safe play for kids below five and bigger children should be availed. For babies learning how to walk or crawling, their playgrounds should be smooth.

Playgrounds should be Maintained and Inspected by Qualified Personnel

Child care centers and schools should be checked to ensure they have well-maintained and age-appropriate playground equipment. If the playgrounds have any hazards, children should be kept away from them and reported to the relevant administrators. If the playground, for example, is in a school, the school management ought to correct any anomalies reported.

Playground Equipment and the Beneath Surface Should be Safe

Playground should not contain non-impact absorbing surface. Play areas that have gravel, concrete, and asphalt surfaces are unsafe. They should instead have surface materials such as wood chips, sand, shredded rubber, mulch, and pea gravel. Other surfaces that are good and cheap to maintain are such as synthetic turf, rubber mats, and grass. Swings should be in an open area with their backs and fronts extending twice the suspending bar’s height.

Supervise Children While Playing

It is important to have a supervisor check on what the kids do while on the playgrounds. Supervision helps remove hazardous materials such as broken images that injure them. The children should be taught that crowding, shoving, and pushing while on the playground is dangerous. Let the children be properly dressed before using the playground.

Playground Safety Checklist

  • Stationary materials should have a six meter zone around them in all directions.
  • Guardrails should fence all elevated platforms
  • The playground is shaded or not overexposed to the sun’s radiations
  • Children play with age-appropriate equipment
  • No dangerous hardware such as protruding bolts
  • The playground should not have any sharp edges